Kelly Bond & Melissa Krodman



Kelly Bond, Melissa Krodman, Jaime Maseda, and

Mark McCloughan

A craggy mountaintop. Fog. Five rather androgynous people with ethereal white hair. Something is going on that involves static electricity and an only somewhat tongue in cheek New Age sound score that also includes allusions to songs by Phil Collins, The Go-Go’s, and Wilson Phillips. A housewife from the 1940’s speaks in increasingly metaphysical terms. There is a feeling of the linearity of time unraveling. We notice that thoughts and recollections are triggered en masse. Someone standing nearby started humming the song that I was just thinking about. We’ve been transported. Some sort of transformation, a sort of awakening, is happening... Magic? Telepathy. 


That’s one possible image for our new experimental dance work on phenomena of the Universal Consciousness. We don't know what this piece is yet, but we can feel it. It feels like magic.